The Aldi spring cookbook

Cook, roast and bake your way through our amazing spring recipe collection! Every dish you find is full of delicious flavours and fresh ingredients to match your tastes. Try our 5-star favourites or go for something new and exciting from our in-season selections. Let’s get started!


Amazing ways to cook asparagus

It’s asparagus season right now so we’re celebrating this little humble vegetable. We’ve put together 3 delicious dishes to show the versatility and flavour that this green vegetable can bring to your family meals. Try them all this spring.

In-season superstars

Spring is amazing for flavour. Just thinking about all the in-season ingredients and the meals you can make is enough to get your mouth watering. We’ve put these 4 fun dishes together and made them easy to follow. Give them a try this week.

More spring menu inspiration

We told you there was lots to cook! Here’s some extra ideas to keep you having fun in the kitchen this spring. You’ll find everything, from fresh starters and colourful salads, to green smoothies and banana truffles. Enjoy!

Something for the vegans!

We’ve taken care of everyone in our cookbook so if you’re a vegan you can still enjoy amazing dishes filled with exciting ingredients and fun flavours. Here’s two delicious ideas you can try this week!


 Top-rated recipes


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Dietary lifestyle inspiration

With our amazing range of recipes, we’ve catered for every diet and food preference! So, whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, gluten free or dairy free, or you just want healthy meals and organic options, we’ve got loads of tasty ideas you’ll like. Take a look.